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We meet all your interpreting requirements

We offer services to companies, NGOs and public agencies. For conferences, we offer complete solutions, including interpreters, interpreting equipment and technical support. We have specialists in law, economics, medicine and automotive engineering.

On-site interpreting

The majority of interpreting assignments take place with the interpreter on site at the client or at another suitable location.

Telephone interpreting

An alternative to on-site interpreting is telephone interpreting. Telephone interpreting is ideal when you need to set up an interpreting situation quickly, or if you wish to avoid travel costs.

Business interpreting

We are fully aware of your needs and we can provide an interpreter who will ensure that your international business discussions proceed safely, securely and with no misunderstanding.

Conference interpreting

In the case of conferences, annual meetings and similar events, Göteborgs Tolkförmedling offers complete solutions, including interpreters in all the languages required as well as the necessary technical equipment, installation and monitoring. We work primarily with simultaneous and conference interpreters who are members of AIIC in Sweden and abroad and with interpreters who can offer expertise in different business areas and other specialisations.


Göteborgs Tolkförmedling also provides a translation service. Simple translations that can be handled by telephone or by return of fax/e-mail are charged for on an hourly basis according to our current interpreting rates. In the case of more complex or extensive translations, or if the translation requires specialist knowledge, we can provide a quotation.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your current or future needs – particularly if you have specific requirements regarding the interpreter’s knowledge and experience. We are confident that we can provide a practical and financially attractive solution. Call the number below or click the button and send an e-mail.

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Advanced assignments for companies, NGOs and public agencies demand a great deal of skill on the part of the interpreters we provide. Our interpreters are authorised by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency or they have passed the Institute for Interpretation and Translation Studies test. They adopt a completely neutral role and observe strict confidentiality. Many also have specialist expertise in law, economics, engineering and medicine.

Call us on: +46 31 18 00 99, or mail us to: tolk@tolkformedling.com